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X9 Standard Collection

X9.93-2008 Set
These two standards provide all parties involved in Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions with technical specifications for exchanging financial transaction messages.
Price: $108.00
X9 Encryption Collection
This collection includes the following standards: X9/TR-39-2009, Retail Financial Services Compliance Guideline, ANSI X9.24-1:2009, Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management, ANSI X9.24-2:2006, Retail Financial Services Symmetric Key Management, ANSI X9.65:2004, Triple Data Encryption Algorithm, ANSI X9.80:2005, Prime Number Generation, Primary Testing and Primality Certificates
Price: $350.00
X9 MICR Document Printing Collection
This collection includes the following standards: X9 TR-2:2005, Understanding, Designing and Producing Checks, ASC X9 TR 6:2006 Guide to Quality MICR Printing and Evaluation, ANSI X9.100-10:2006 Paper Specifications for MICR Documents (Formerly X9.18), ANSI X9.100-20:2006 Print and Test Specifications for Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR) Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and 8 other standards
Price: $740.00
X9 Designing for Image Compatibility Collection
The collection includes the following standards: Organization of Standards for Paper-based and image-based Check Payments: Part 1 and Part 2, Specifications for Check Endorsements (Formerly X9.53-1996), X9.7, Bank Check Background and Numerical Convenience Amount Field and others.
Price: $450.00
Check Image Exchange Basics Collection (Formerly Check 21)
Check Image Exchange Basics Collection (Formerly Check 21). Includes X9 TR-100:2005, X9 TR-33:2006, ANSI/X9 X9.100-160-2-2009 and others.
Price: $450.00
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