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2012 IECC/ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2010
Price: $142.00
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AAMI TIR50:2014
Post-market surveillance of use error management
The guidelines described in this technical information report (TIR) are not separate from or in opposition to the existing U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationÆs (FDAÆs) and other regulatory bodies' repo
Price: $120.00
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AAMI TIR52:2014 (AAMI TIR 52:2014)
Environmental Monitoring For Terminally Sterilized Healthcare Products
This technical report addresses routine monitoring for viable (i.e. microorganisms) and non-viable particulates in controlled environments used to produce healthcare products that are intended to be t
Price: $90.00
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AGMA 901-A92 (R1997)
A Rational Procedure for the Preliminary Design of Minimum Volume Gears
Presents a simple, closed-form procedure as a first step in the minimum volume spur and helical gearset design. Includes methods for selecting geometry and dimensions, considering maximum pitting resi
Price: $36.00
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AGMA 908-B89 (R1999)
Information Sheet - Geometry Factors for Determining the Pitting Resistance and Bending Strength of Spur, Helical and Herringbone Gear Teeth
Gives the equations for calculating the pitting resistance geometry factor, I, for external and internal spur and helical gears, and the bending strength geometry factor, J, for external spur and heli
Price: $94.00
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AGMA 910-C90 (R2003)
Formats for Fine-Pitch Gear Specification Data
Consists of a series of printed forms for gear drawings that contain the appropriate data the gear designer must tabulate for the gear manufacturer. Includes a series of definitions of the various tab
Price: $55.00
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AGMA 911-A94 (R2000)
Design Guidelines for Aerospace Gearing
Covers current gear design practices as they are applied to air vehicles and spacecraft, beyond the design of gear meshes. Presents the broad spectrum of factors which combine to produce a working gea
Price: $102.00
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AGMA 915-3-A99
Inspection Practices - Gear Blanks, Shaft Center Distance and Parallelism"
Provides recommended numerical values relating to the inspection of gear blanks, shaft center distance and parallelism of shaft axes. Discussions include such topics as methods for defining datum axes
Price: $34.00
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AGMA 917-B97 (R2003)
Design Manual for Parallel Shaft Fine-Pitch Gearing
This manual provides guidance for the design of fine-pitch gearing of the following types: Diametral pitch from 20 to 120; Spur and helical (parallel axis); External, internal and rack forms
Price: $90.00
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AGMA 918-A93 (R1998)
A Summary of Numerical Examples Demonstrating the Procedures for Calculating Geometry Factors for Spur and Helical Gears
Provides numerical examples for calculating the pitting resistance geometry factor, I, and bending strength geometry factor, J, for typical gearsets that are generated by rack-type tools (hobs, rack c
Price: $72.00
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Page 1 out of 138 pages.
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