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AAMI TIR34:2014
Water for the reprocessing of medical devices
This TIR addresses how to determine the water quality needs for reprocessing various categories of medical devices at various stages of reprocessing and how to assess, generate, monitor, and maintain
Price: $150.00
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AGMA 919-1-A14
Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Gear Units and Open Gears: Part 1 - Basics
The new information sheet provides basic overviews of key approaches to establishing a condition monitoring and diagnostics program for open gearing and enclosed gear units. This information sheet att
Price: $55.00
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AMCA 513-14
Economizer Damper and Return Air Damper Secondary Labeling Program
This document outlines the purpose of the AMCA International Economizer Damper and Return Air Damper Secondary Labeling Program (SLP). The program exists to provide code and other regulatory authoriti
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ANSI ANSLG C78.377-2011
Specifications for the Chromaticity of Solid State Lighting Products
Specifies the range of chromaticities recommended for general lighting with SSL products and ensures that the white light chromaticities of the products can be communicated to consumers. Applies to LE
Price: $92.00
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ANSI ANSLG C78.43-2013
American National Standard for electric lamps: Single-Ended Metal Halide Lamps
Sets forth the physical and electrical requirements for single-ended metal halide lamps operated on 60 Hz ballasts to ensure interchangeability and safety.
Price: $513.00
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ANSI ANSLG C82.11-2011
High-frequency fluorescent lamp ballasts
This standard is intended to cover high frequency ballasts which have rated open-circuit voltages of 2000 volts or less, operate the lamp at frequencies between 10 kHz and 500 kHz., and are intended t
Price: $258.00
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ANSI C119.1-2011
Electric Connectors - Sealed Insulated Underground Connector Systems Rated 600 Volts
Covers sealed, insulated underground connector systems rated at 600 V for utility applications. Also establishes electrical, mechanical and sealing requirements for sealed underground connector system
Price: $104.00
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ANSI C119.4-2011
Electric Connectors - Connectors for Use Between Aluminum-to-Aluminum and Aluminum-to-Copper Conductors Designed for Normal Operation at or Below 93░C and Copper-to-Copper Conductors Designed for Normal Operation at or Below 100░C
Covers connectors used to make electrical connections between aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper and copper-to-copper conductors on distribution and transmission lines. Establishes electrical an
Price: $122.00
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ANSI C119.6-2011
Electric Connectors--Non-Sealed, Multiport Connector Systems Rated 600 Volts or Less for Aluminum and Copper Conductors
This standard covers non-sealed, multiport distribution connectors rated 600 Volts or less used for making electrical connections between aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper, or copper-to-copper
Price: $76.00
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ANSI C12.10:2011
Physical Aspects of Watthour Meters - Safety Standard
This standard covers the physical aspects of both detachable and bottom-connected watthour meters and associated registers. These include ratings, internal wiring arrangements, pertinent dimensions, m
Price: $180.00
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Page 1 out of 180 pages.
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